1. Want to talk about the Iona report with the Deacons in your Diocese? Not sure where or how to start?

  • Download the document below to see how Deacons in the Diocese of Montreal and the Diocese of Toronto got their conversations started. 

2. Wish to make specific suggestions?

3. Interested in developing an education program based on the competencies outlined in the Iona Report?

  • Take a look at the instructional material produced by the Diocese of Nova Scotia and PEI. (See download below)

After a study of the IONA Report, the Deacons Committee of Nova Scotia and PEI used the material in the Report as a resource for creating their own instructional process for Deacons. They have now produced a binder of material based on the competencies in the Iona Report. They hope that those who read and study its process can use the material as a resource in creating their own instructional program.

  • Please contact: Dr. Gordon Young, Lay Facilitator, gordon.leslie.young@gmail.com for permission to use any parts of the document.