Written by a Task Force of the Faith, Worship and Ministry Committee of General Synod, "The Iona Report on the Diaconate in the Anglican Church of Canada" was received and recommended for study in all Canadian Dioceses by General Synod 2016.

"Discrepancy in the practice and understanding of the diaconate among dioceses led the Faith, Worship, and Ministry Committee to form a Task Force on the Diaconate in 2014. After a close study of existing resources, the task force released The Iona Report, which identifies knowledge and skill areas that can be adapted to local conditions while providing consistent guidelines in how deacons are selected, used, and understood across the Anglican Church of Canada."

The Preface

  • Highlights the role of the deacon (and also priests and bishops) in relationship to the identity and ministry of all the faithful in and through baptism
  • Deacons serve as the Church's icon of Christ's service: "inviting us into proclamation and service of the gospel for the sake of the world."

The Iona Report is a living and evolving document. Your participation will continue to improve it.