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Eighteen months in the making, Anglican Deacons Canada’s draft strategic plan has now been posted on ADC’s website.  The file is available for download at the bottom of this page. (Please scroll down).

The report is the product of extensive consultations with deacons, directors of deacons, bishops, and many other stakeholders.  In keeping with that spirit, it’s now being made available in draft form, for further feedback and input before being finalized.

If you have questions or comments after reading the report, please send them to:

A Zoom preview of the report attracted over forty participants to a lively discussion earlier this month.  We hope to make the recording of that ninety-minute session available for viewing here soon. 

The written report will be the subject of two engagement sessions during the upcoming ADC conference at the Sorrento Centre in mid-June.  Those sessions will also be open to online registrants.  For more information about the conference, click here.

The release of this ambitious, forward-looking plan points the way to the future of the Canadian diaconate, and to a more diaconal church.  We commend it for your prayerful consideration and action