Every three years Anglican Deacons Canada organizes a national conference by and for deacons. The conference is a wonderful opportunity to meet deacons from across Canada and beyond so we can support one another, make meaningful connections, and learn, worship and celebrate together.

Those exploring a possible call to the diaconate and others (including priests and bishops) who are interested in learning more about the diaconate and strengthening the diakonia of the Church are also most welcome to attend.

Each Triennial Conference is hosted by the deacons of a different Canadian Diocese. A variety of locations for the Triennial Conference are selected over time so that this national gathering can be held in different parts of Canada. The most recent triennial conferences were held in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Victoria, British Columbia. Our upcoming national conference will be held in Hamilton, Ontario. We are grateful to the Community of Deacons in the Diocese of Niagara for organizing and hosting it.