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Designed specifically for deacons, this zoom-based preaching conference the weekend of Oct. 21 (evening) - October 23, 2022 is organized by the Episcopal Preaching Foundation and the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island in partnership with the Association for Episcopal Deacons (AED).

Deacons from Province 2 of the Episcopal Church USA have kindly extended an invitation to members of Anglican Deacons Canada to join them for this event. Thanks to generous subsidies, the registration fee is only $25.

Anglican deacons in Canada who are not current ADC members are also most welcome to register. We will simply operate on an honour system that these deacons will also join ADC or renew their memberships separately at this link.

Since this is an online Province 2 conference, no concessions can be made for time zone differences. So, this educational event will likely be best suited to Canadian deacons joining from the Atlantic, Eastern and possibly Central time zones. 

The conference’s central focus will be the unique voice of the deacon as a reflection of the diaconate’s mission to represent the Church to the community and the world to the Church.

As EPF’s Dean of Faculty Stephen Smith has summarized:

"The mission of the diaconate has never been more central to the needs of the Church. Deacons point us in the direction where the Church can be of service in the world in these increasingly dismaying times; and to be fully effective in this role the diaconate needs to speak powerfully and authentically from the pulpit. We hope that these conferences will play a role in lifting the diaconate to this role."

The program will emphasize the deacon’s unique opportunity - and responsibility – to speak the sometimes uncomfortable truths that may be less acceptable coming directly from the incumbent priest. In addition to preaching to peers and feedback in small, moderated preaching groups, the participants will hear from highly-respected guest faculty. 

For more information and to register online, please visit this EPF Conference link.

The Episcopal Preaching foundation normally keeps registration open until the day prior to an event. However, do check the above link to see if they post a specific registration deadline closer to the event. 

Anglican Deacons Canada is considering the possibility of organizing a similar conference (in partnership with the Episcopal Preaching Foundation) specifically for Canadian deacons in the future. So, it will be helpful for planning purposes for ADC to get feedback from members who participate in this Province 2 conference. Please email your feedback directly to Kyn Barker, ADC Board Secretary, at

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