Several issues have emerged during this COVID-19 pandemic which call for advocacy on behalf of marginalized people including people who are homeless or underhoused, refugees and workers. 

A key concern is that homeless people do not have places where they can physically distance themselves nor access to water (for hygiene). The BC Poverty Reduction Coalition has issued a call for immediate action to provincial and municipal governments in British Columbia to "use emergency powers to hous all unhoused BC residents." Here is a link for more info on this homelessness action.

Similarly Health Providers Against Poverty Ontario has issued an Open Letter from Doctors and Nurse Practitioners calling for immediate action to support under-housed people in Ontario. They also conducted a survey of 22 shelters, respites and drop-ins and found that many were ill-equipped to deal with the COVID-19 crisis. Here is a a link to their findings and call to action. 

Meanwhile Citizens for Public |Justice is calling for Canada to maintain its commitment to refugee rights refugee amid COVID-19.