Association of Anglican Deacons in Canada

Association of Anglican Deacons in Canada
Associaton anglicane des diacres au Canada
P.O. Box 400, Sechelt, BC V0N 3A0

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Our tri-annual conference was held in Halifax in August 2014. The conference offered various worshops designed to stimulate our minds and offer nourishment for our souls. We discovered at the banquet that Deacons know how to have fun and they know how to dance!! The Reverend Dr. Eileen Scully brought us up to date on the work being done nationally regarding Diaconal Standards of education and formation. It was wonderful to hear that national standards might be possible and that the input of Deacons was welcomed and valued.

The Most Reverend Fred Hiltz was our keynote speaker. His address offered insights, challenges and was thought provoking on many levels. A copy of that address is posted at the following link, Keynote Address As the caption under the picture in the Anglican Journal said so eloquently, "Deacons are the feet, the hands, the heart, the voice of Jesus…you are that salt, that flavours for good." Words to read, mark and inwardly digest for all of us.

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